EM … the ONLY Number!

Shutting Down is NOT THE ANSWER ……… but rather fear mongering magic.

To be sure, the Numbers NEVER lie. Rather we allow the hysteria behind the misuse/ misdirection of them to permit leaders like DOUG FORD in Ontario to jail us in our houses and mandate we stay away from parks. Where is the common sense?

The magic of numbers is misdirection

WHY? Well the only meaningful number (from a leading expert) is “EXCESS MORTALITY (EM), which I suspect you have NEVER heard of?

In Japan since COVID 19 began in earnest, there have been ONLY 251 deaths under 60 years of age. But to be sure, if we want to stun we exaggerate the virus’ impact by focussing on Case Count making it horrifying that as of March 2021 almost 95,000 cases age 20-29.

However, the most meaningful insight is just THREE (3) deaths in this age group! That is the number in black next to the largest of blue bars. Try anywhere to find excess mortality (COVID deaths for current 12 months vs. the number of flu deaths, for the comparable preceding period).

Lest we quote October 2020 suicides in Japan which exceeded 2,000 for a miniscule 10% of the current COVID timeframe. How many of these suicides were COVID related?

How about Sweden?

Many are taking Sweden to task over allowing businesses to operate including restaurants and coffee shops (albeit under reduced numbers). But Sweden’s Health leader Anders Tegnell is a superstar for all of the right reasons, as he has allowed people to not curtail their lives or forced businesses to commit suicide. His country has had fewer than 500 deaths under 60 years of age since March of 2020.

Anders said it best …… that these numbers do not reveal the most reliable method of determining the impact of this disease which is the ….

TRUE number of deaths attributable to COVID-19 or Excess Mortality (EM)” (the number of deaths above and beyond what would be the statistical norm for flu deaths (for the same period year ago).

Anders Tegnell


Have we asked what is really behind the shrill hysteria over cases in Canada? I proffer that it is bulldoggedness with which we MUST get tested if you have been exposed. 2 personal acquaintances in this vast geographic community, (which has suffered just 2 deaths (both over 70), according to the Health Director for Kingston) best exemplifies the hysteria. Neither knew that they had the virus, no symptoms and no impact on their life (other than having to spend 14 days at home on their own) but because of contact tracing they and everyone they came into contact with, were bullied into getting tested followed by isolation.


Excess Mortality (EM) is the ONLY relevant COVID number, but more importantly what is their age demographic. Protect this demo and stop destroying society! We are not caged animals, we are social beings.

Always ask for Excess Mortality (EM) whenever you hear a COVID discussion.

Chart source STATISTA, with thanks.

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