3 Simple Rules to success and growth

Business is tough, it may be a lot of hard work, but it is NOT complicated!

Every business can grow exponentially by using the simple solutions I’ve proven and implemented during my thirty years as a New Products Specialist in CPG (Consumer Packaged Goods).

As a marketer, I learned how simple business really is, once I discovered and rigorously implemented the most important rule……“The Numbers Never Lie”.

My 5 years in advertising on several major North American brands, provided a much-needed view from 30,000′.  At the end of this tenure, I required accountability, hence I stepped back to accelerate forward, learning and managing several North American brands.  It was here I was taught the Eastern trait of persistence and the benefits of working long and hard to find answers.

The combination of the thrill of the chase and being hands-on, lead to putting my hand up to manage any business that was struggling.  I then and now enjoy doing the doing while encouraging the people I work with to speak freely in providing their expertise!

All of which can be synthesized in a simple set of 3 principles, resulting in my doing the impossible, launching a $100 million business in North America.  This creation and launch was a corporate passion at Nabisco, having been eyed for 10 years, yet the manufacturing equipment was not in place.  Using these principles

  1. KISS (Keep it Simple & Strategic)
  2. Work Smart First……only then do you work hard
  3. The NUMBERS never lie!

I engaged and motivated a team of 20 specialists to reach for the stars.

In Canada Marketing is truly being a General Manager and knowing and understanding all elements of the business.  Using these principles I can help you deconstruct problems and achieve significantly enhance profitability.

I have provided a list of marketing cases and insights to aid you in growing sales and/or profit.

No doublespeak, just easy simple to follow examples you can easily and effectively implement.


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