Solutions simple enough to understand

Business is tough, it may be a lot of hard work, but it is NOT complicated!

Every business can grow exponentially by using the simple solutions I’ve proven and implemented during my thirty years as a New Products Specialist in CPG (Consumer Packaged Goods).

If I can do it, anybody can!  I learned how simple business really is, once I rigorously adhered to the most important rule……“The Numbers Never Lie”.

After 5 years in advertising on some major North American brands, I crossed into marketing to deliver my need for accountability.  It was here where I was taught persistence, being made to work long and hard to find answers, by some very smart marketers and managers of people.

It is the thrill of the chase and being hands-on, which lead to putting my hand up to manage any business that was struggling.  I enjoy doing the doing and encouraging the people I work with to provide their expertise!

All of this can be synthesized into a simple set of 3 principles, which delivered significant successes (including the introduction of a $100 million business in North America).  

  1. KISS (Keep it Simple & Strategic)
  2. Work Smart First……only then do you work hard
  3. The NUMBERS never lie!

Apply these and you will be more/successful.

Each case succinctly outlines the problem and lays out simple solutions.  When you apply them you will grow sales and or profit.

No doublespeak, just easy simple to follow examples you can easily and effectively implement.


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