Which is a more Influential Brand? Guanacaste or Liberia

How a Superior name would increase positive imagery, avoid confusion and significantly increase ….

When I heard someone say that they were going to Liberia, I immediately thought they were going to Africa.  More than that they said they said that they were landing at Liberia Airport which left me in total confusion as I believed that only ships landed in this mysterious country.  Would I let my female partner go to such an unsafe place on her own?

Fifteen years later I now know where this airport is and have actually taken people there many times.

My issue is when there is a superior branding and truly ownable option for this airport and this city, one whose positive imagery, avoids confusion, and most importantly all of the baggage tied to the negatives of the OTHER Liberia, I can only assume that the marketing people for the country and province of Guanacaste have no voice.

LIR which is the symbol for Liberia International Airport is not on the West Coast of Africa and definitely not the least safe place in the world.

Rather this Liberia it is located in Costa Rica.  A country known for its strong ecological bent, friendly people and as a safe and secure Central American destination which is why it is on so many millions of bucket lists.

Located in the north of Costa Rica on the Pacific coast, this airport is less than an hour from dozens of stunning black and white sand beaches on the calm and serene Pacific Ocean, where offshore breezes outweigh onshore 5 to 1.

LIR airport has been operating since 1996 and is situated in the province of


Which is where the magic and imagery of the proposed name is vastly superior to the existing name.

A Guanacaste tree is majestic.

Guanacaste tree

They can be very large and are unmistakable when you look across the countryside.  It is so large that it is often used as shade for many of the coffee plantation harvesters.  The wood of the Guanacaste tree is unique, bold and striking.

So with all of this positive imagery, why not change the name of the Airport and the city from Liberia to Guanacaste and get out from under all of the confusion and negatives and adopt a truly ownable name?

Guanacaste Island top

As a marketer who created and launched a $100 million business, I guarantee that this switch for both would significantly raise the profile and tourism in this airport, city, province and the country of Costa Rica!

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