Have you been “Under the Influence”?

“Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it”

Every CEO, marketer, middle manager or small/family business must have this half-hour radio/podcast Under the Influence scheduled in their calendar every week, or a binge listening and relistening every weekend.  

Under the influence


Those who fail to listen to the failures and successes of the past, will never get there with less effort and do so more slowly without Terry’s Insights.

The show “Under the Influence” showcases the smartest advertising man alive because he understood very early in his career the importance of weaving the creative over the framework of the business/product strategy.  

Sounds simple enough, but the Advertising Agency business model, in the vast majority of cases prevents this from taking place.  Creatives often write the strategy after they have come up with what they feel is an intrusive piece of copy (which is often neither related to the product or the brand).

I say this with confidence having spent 30 years as a marketer preceded by 6 years in advertising.  So when I say I can count on both hands the number of skilled Advertising Creatives in Canada, it is not a statement taken lightly.  It is the accountability and brand ownership, which prompted me to cross over to the marketing side so early in my career.

One of the best examples of Terry’s research and insights was for a tourism account.  

The key highlights:

  • Limited budget.  
  • Competing in a space that is filled with Features Only advertising
  • Competing budgets are up to 80 times yours
  • Your destination is quite literally halfway around the world

The Agency comes in and pitches advertising so out of alignment with the tradition that you would have to have been high or drunk to accept the idea……. and the Agency must have also been inhaling the wrong stuff to have made such a…..   


Advertise in the Want Ads section of the newspaper?????  


Simply astounding:

exposure 110 times the investment

Listen to the entire episode with the case history near the end of the show.  It is too much fun to give away.

queensland oreilly

The insight is that a creative message/medium has to be rock solid and on strategy, regardless of the size of the budget!  Too many weak and self-aggrandizing ads require millions more be spent on media.

Each episode of Terry’s show features numerous factual and very well researched campaigns, supported by sales/program success.  If you want to stay focused and grow, then get hooked, you will not be disappointed.

Every message is relevant and in front of marketers and consumers on a weekly basis. He has mastered both sides of the business desk and has proven it with the businesses he has grown.

Terry, it will be worth every listening moment.

Should you burn through all 4 seasons of Under the Influence, go further back to his previous show called The Age of Persuasion for even more knowledge.

Terry age of persuasion


I am not paid, nor do I know Terry, nor have I had any contact with him personally.  Like everything you read from Marketing Uncomplicated, it comes from the heart, to make you better! So make sure you have a listen as each show is as good as the one you listened to here!

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