What is Wrong with this Sensational Offering?

Having only heard about it from a local having moved in 18 months ago we were delighted to take a friend visiting from Costa Rica to the Brockville Railway tunnel.  It was given great reviews by our acquaintances here in Westport ON. so we were confident it was worth the trip.


This is a historic location unlike any other as it is Canada’s 1st Railway tunnel dating back to 1854 and took 6 years to build.

Brockville Tunnel Information board


So what do you do with a historic and totally unique thing?  Contemporize it and make it interesting and exciting.  And that is exactly what has been done.

Brockville Tunnel Blue

Brockville Tunnel Red and Purple

Brockville Tunnel Red

As you can see it offers a scintillating light show with the impression of a moving train in a tunnel that is as long as this picture shows it to be.

They play very contemporary music much of which places Cancon at the forefront.

It is cool and educational.  It is on a donation basis but this is what is wrong with this picture at the high traffic end!

Brockville Tunnel Broken Donation box

What a shame, that the drop box that allows you to say thank you after exiting the tunnel is completely covered up.  WHY?


  1. To have the front board so far away from the tunnel entrance, it is easy to miss.
  2. To not have other businesses close to this is unfortunate.
  3. To not have this as a destination for evening and special events each and every weekend like popup restaurants, is also a revenue opportunity, in addition to the Halloween event.
  4. Strong promotion and signage, especially at the north end of the tunnel, where there is significant parking.


This is like the CN tower in Toronto and everyone who lives in the surrounding area should make it a MUST SEE for friends and family.

To the town of Brockville, better signage and promotion of this through digital advertising to every person who is traveling to or through Brockville will help tremendously.

To learn more so that it is an absolute must just make sure that you make it easy to collect money and if you cannot fix the donation box, hire students to communicate some exciting things, build suspense and generate even more money to fund further expansion and uses.

Simple to implement low and no-cost ideas to encourage us to embrace our heritage.

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