30 million websites fooled into making About Us …….about them

When consumers really only care about ….. themselves.

Conservatively 30 million or maybe even double that number put the wrong foot forward.  They either due to lack of knowledge or laziness assume that a consumer really cares about their features.

So how do you avoid a fast click away? Start by looking at your objective for your website. Simple yes, but so many people jump right in and expect a buyer to have the time and the patience to wade through meaningless puffery.

First you need to realize “About Us” is just a guide and you have to turn it around.  Doing so will allow visitors to secure insights from each of your tab headings, written in benefit form.  

How do you do this?  Sharing what matters most to them and how what you do is different, such that you do not regress to discounting as your first option.

Start with “WHY”.  

Why are you in business?  Everyone does so to make money.  But you have a distinct reason for doing so. And it is not the what you do, but rather the “thing” that is your passion for doing this.

To make sure you have the most persuasive one, write it today and leave it.  Tomorrow review it and see what it tells you.  Then later in the day reach out to 3 people in the company and show them and ask what their take is. Lastly, turn to a regular customer and ask them what this heading tells them.

Once you have your folder heading, replace “About Us” with your new, compelling reason to learn more. Next write 3-10 short 1-3 sentence paragraphs (so that it is easy to read and not intimidating) that make your regular customers “Regulars”.  This may take research (a call or two to some of your regulars and surprising them after the interaction with a small token, of say a $15 gift card to their favourite coffee shop or store, not yours) to secure the insights about your business that brings them back.  If they say price, then dig deeper.

Now you can write a truly benefit oriented compelling page which will yes be about you, but more importantly, motivate your visitor to learn more about what you do as you have shown them how it has made current clients lives/businesses better.

Then put it up and watch.

PS. If you do not have a USP, this headline should be in the running!

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