Shoot Scottie Shoot

Scottie Barnes a Consumate Canadian?


Watching this new addition to the Raptors proves that Ted Rogers was wrong on the extension of Masai Ujiri, and this decision will lead to another Larry O’Brien trophy in Canada within 5 years. Just look at the way that the management team did the unexpected, selecting Scottie Barnes in the draft. For that selection Masai rewarded us handsomely again, given we are competitive and playing games which are fun to watch, despite having ONLY 2 players from our first/last and only NBA championship to date.

While that is a BGO “Blinding Glimpse of the Obvious” and hindsight being 20/20. This is about how Scottie may have adopted Canadian culture a little bit too fast.

credit blogto

Not what he does in the city, opening himself to a country/city that is warm, welcoming and friendly (and as evidenced by Masais decision to stay here, colour blind), but on the court.

What then?

Shooting from the 3 point arc. Aside from Gary Trent Jr. and Freddy, we are sorely lacking here (until Pascal becomes consistent after his surgery) and with the departure of Kyle Lowry and the resulting shift in coverage this chnage in personnel brings to Freddy, as seen against OKC in Q3 the other night is wearing for sure.

Credit tipofthetower

What did Coach Nurse say? Shoot Scottie Shoot. He is a great playmaker, sometimes it appears he does have eyes in the back of his head, but while we are finding our way as a team we need to use the oft meme phrase “Run Forest Run”, We the North must co-opt the phrase “Shoot Scottie Shoot”.

Credit Getty Images

So take up the chant!!!


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