Features aren’t Cool…… Benefits Rule ……

Every extraordinary salesperson/marketer knows that the top priority is the customer, facilitating their needs?

Extraordinary Marketers/Sales personnel don’t start selling.  They engage.  They search for the problem.  They try to determine the motivation and desires of the person on the other side saving both sides time and money, resulting in a stronger connection (because you actually listened).  They then turn this information into relatable Benefits.

Order takers, on the other hand, are ineffective because they focus on giving product features and do not attempt to connect.  This dooms them to failure.   Overwhelming customers with features, many of which do not apply is wasted time and energy, turning off the buyer, because most already know these THINGS.


It is providing the insight into how THINGS save them time, money or effort that really matters.  These are the benefits.jpg

help the buyer understand how making this purchase from you is going to make their life easier or better?


Taking the time to get an insightful feel for the buyer and their problem allows you to connect. 

Securing meaningful insights engenders empathy and elevates status.  As this connection strengthens because you listen results in them more readily accepting the content you are providing. 

Your communication now feels personal, targeted specifically to their needs, which lowers their guard and helps more easily facilitate the closing.

Many reach a stage in which they will willingly pay a higher price based on your market/segment knowledge and insights, which positively includes the competitive set. 

By explaining why your offering is superior, (is why it is worth paying more for) is delivering value. 


Should the Buyer begin to walk away, be confident that you have provided sufficient market and brand insights and benefits!  Let them walk and do not defer to lowering price.

As they are departing, you MUST seek permission to follow-up by requesting a phone number, email or both should anything change and to ensure they completed their purchase elsewhere.  This will help you both.  How is what they bought different from yours?  Indicating you are there for support even with a competitive purchase wins points for you and you can ascertain if there is an add-on you can sell them in future. 

So do the follow-up. 

You will be respected for it.  It may deliver the sale at best.  The next best thing could be a lead or two.  At a minimum, you will be able to use these insights in future interactions with other consumers


Start with small wins.

Understand you become stronger with failure.  Why?

  • The most successful batter in baseball Babe Ruth only hit 1 in every 3 at-bats!
  • Mitch Marner needs a hundred shots to score 10 goals (10% success).

Communicating with your customer is the opener.  Sales are the result of effective communication.

Focus on the process, not the outcome.

Unrealistic/unachievable objectives, benchmarks will be dispiriting and beget failure upon failure.

This Benefit-oriented approach applies to every aspect of your life.  Features do not make life better or easier.  A benefit-oriented perspective will ensure success.


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