Branding….. the Key to optimizing sales 

But when it is wrong, who knows how many hard-fought sales are lost.

bad brand name squid
Don’t be a critic unless you can fix it!

Looking at this picture, what does it immediately convey about the product you are buying?

Squid.  But who would want to buy fish sauce made of squid ink?

How to Fix it?

Keep the name very large and then put a disclaimer……………NO!

In this specific product instance, understand that there is a huge problem with this brand name and that is limiting sales.

So feature a fish visual…….BUT not a squid.

Branding should focus on the consumer benefits, whether they be fresh, white, low smell, high saline, fresh caught or some other meaningful point of connection with the consumer.

Below the appetizing visual, something like Sammy’s Full Flavour, Fish Sauce.

Below the brand name should be the USP, which is what makes this different and/or better.

Melts in your mouth PicM&M’s for half a century features

 Melts in your mouth, not in your hands!

Last and because it is least important, at 20% of the size, put the parent branding, which in this case is Squid Brand, well below or even at the bottom (in the same size type you indicate ………”this product is made from fressh caught not farmed fish and does not include any squid in the preparation of this formula.”

KISS works every time.  (Keep it Simple and Strategic).

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