Who is the Passport Protecting?

Has any elected official in Canada specifically in Quebec & Ontario asked who the vaccine passport is protecting?

Passport Please!

Let’s apply some logic here….. embracing commonly accepted philosophical principles:

If you get vaccinated you will not get COVID 19 (or will you?)

If you have been vaccinated, having a passport will allow you to be around others like yourself.  Feel safer now?

You will be able to go indoors and drink …too much, eat too much and stay up too late and drive home ….over the limit? No worries the police will be after those without a passport!

So go out and eat overpriced, poorly served meals in fast food restaurants (because these politicians felt safer to close up the economy, by saving no more people under 60 than any previous year), and look down on all the poor unwashed, unvaccinated, from your pedestal.

Why are you spending a single bit of energy, time or effort worrying about those who have not had the vaccine?  The unwashed/ unvaccinated can’t hurt you, you’ve been vaccinated (unless of course you question the efficacy of the vaccine) haven’t you?

So why all of the fuss?

The people who are dying are over 60, overweight, immunocompromised, and likely suffering from some other malady.  Protect them and open the economy to all the rest (as should have been done March 2020) and burn your book.

If you won’t accept philosophical principles, then look at the numbers, the ONLY 1 that matters ….. EM…… by age demographic and you will have a completely different perspective.

Also ask why…. we must have a prescreen up the nose, as opposed to finding out if you have the antibodies in your system and put those in a passport, just as they are doing in the completely open UK!

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