Tell me the most important THING you have accomplished!

I was in Tim’s on Friday, Tim Hortons best cupfor a quick Americano and sitting by the fire, chatting with my friend.   Next to us was a young gentleman astutely studying and committing to memory his resume.  He was very ill at ease so I commented so he would hear…. “Be Natural”.

Having hired and worked with some astounding people, I set out to pay it forward and help him secure a more memorable outcome for his interview.

Upon learning it was a position with the United Way, united-way-logohe started to explain the role and his expertise.   I interrupted a long dissertation of features and asked him what was the most important thing he had accomplished to date. 

I cannot recall his first response, but I stopped him and responded “motherhood”.

So I asked him again what is the most important thing that he accomplished in his career.  His response sounded something to the effect of trying to change the world.

Clearly, the education system in turning out non-competitive individuals has never delivered the most effective tool in securing employment…. the ability to stand out.  So after 16 years of his attempting to do nothing other than fit in, he would never deliver a convincing answer to my question.

I did what no HR or hiring individual would ever do.  I asked him again what was the best thing that he had ever done?  Low and behold he got it!

His response was that he had created a system/process that saved the company he was with over $1Million. 

Barely able to contain my excitement I told him this was the way he should be answering any question of this nature, or to make sure that they knew this about him before he left.

Be confident and communicate your successes.  People looking to work with you will never look for these accomplishments, nor should they have to read a full page of a resume to find it.

Your first salvo should be the meaningful results you contributed to a team or that you were a part of.

This interaction I have discovered is a key aspect of my going forward, getting the FUNK OUT of people by connecting in a social situation and interacting.

Forget the social graces.

Engage with people!  It makes life worth living for everyone and gets you away from the 12″ screen in your pocket.

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