Who was the better…. natural leader…… Michael or LeBron?

LeBron is the superior natural leader even before his career has even ended…..and has accomplished more than Jordan under pressure, which seems impossible!

You can look at the stats and say 6 Jordan NBA titles trumps everything.  But titles do not demonstrate GREAT leadership.  LeBron did it with 2 different teams and is on his way to doing it with a third, the Los Angeles Lakers.

While Michael dominated the floor, LeBron used his entire team, not to his own benefit, but rather for the team’s success.

Leadership is more than shooting and this is where LeBron dwarfs Jordan, being the points, rebounds and assists leader in almost triple the number of games and twice the number of triple-doubles.

Leadership is not about you, it is about the team and here LeBron James shines and it is how you should run your business or career.  Because if the team shines, you are a winner in every way.


The one clear win for LeBron over Michael is a winning record and again more than twice as many wins when facing elimination.

Lebron Points and games at eliminationCredit ESPN Statsinfo.

Winning when the pressure is on means never accepting the loss until that final buzzer.


Motivate your team, encourage them by showing them that you will do anything, so they see you as an equal.

Motivate your team with small, but importantly sincere praise or with a small one-on-one gift.  I recall my son once telling me that the large North American copier company he worked for Ricoh, would have as a monthly reward for selling $10,000’s in copiers (a decade ago) a $25 gift card.  Sales individuals would drive as hard for this small token as for a bonus of thousand(s) of dollars.

David Price bought every one of his Toronto BlueJays teammates a scooter.  While it may seem over the top for you, he signed a $130M contract the following offseason, so perspective people.

Always be kind.  Did you see LeBron berate J.R.  Smith in the 2018 NBA finals for not taking a shot?

JR and LeBron

Photo by Adam Glanzman/Getty Images


In J.R.’s own words

His acceptance also emphasizes the sadness of his mistake in Game 1. The one person who has always defended Smith, the person who Smith credits for saving his career and for helping him better his life, is James.

Lead by example, otherwise known as LeBroning it!


1 thought on “Who was the better…. natural leader…… Michael or LeBron?

  1. When Mark Cavendish (GBR) won the world road race championship (cycling) in 2011, he bought all his team mates a personalised, engraved gold watch. The guys that fetched weather jackets from the team car and carried water bottles.


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