The BIGGEST missing number is……?

As most of you who have perused the articles here are aware I am deeply passionate about the importance not only in Marketing, Management, and Business, but now in Life that “The NUMBERS never LIE”.  But the first number ALWAYS begs the question and the skepticism one should always maintain behind the numbers we are not given and how those who flaunt and use the preferred numbers manipulate them for their own benefit.

Having just reviewed two different approaches to managing a situation unlike any we have seen in over a century, where we here in Canada we have been in lockdown for a month (and as you can see in the attached hyperlink may last an additional 3-12 months or more).   As such we are being propagandized that this approach is working and the only solution!  But is it?

This is radically different from that in Sweden (you can see in the link to this piece) where life is carrying on as they believe in fostering immunity as Larry Brilliant states (in this second link).

We are NOT being given the MOST IMPORTANT number.  Are those dying so pre-disposed that the vast majority of these deaths were people twelve months or less from dying and COVID – 19 simply accelerated their demise?

Are we protecting the outliers to the detriment of the masses?

Providing this elusive number will truly pull back the curtain (revealing the real truth, which by the way I do not know) and allow everyday people to decide which approach should be taken and either support their leadership or tell them that enough is enough.

Stop hiding behind the numbers which currently only reveal half of the truth.

I support each and every person in the medical and emergency services sector who are striving day and night, but is their struggle futile?  They should NOT have to go this alone.  Help us all to make the correct decision!

Pulling back the curtain will deliver the RIGHT decision for us all as a globally interconnected society.


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