The most important adage not only in marketing, but life is “The numbers NEVER lie, it is the liar behind the numbers you need be concerned with“.  So one must drill deeply to understand what they really say and in the case of COVID 19 you might conclude that this was not worth closing the world for.

The litigious society of today does not allow life to be lived…… but rather we have ceded power during this COVID 19 flu to every leader (but 1) who have opted for the nuclear option, rather than really unearthing the most meaningful data.

Media histrionics (even the BBC) leave us wanting with the nurse twins in the United Kingdom who died while helping others with COVID 19.  But HOLD ON!  While it is truly sad that they passed away in April and their younger sister will not have them at her wedding, is this not like walking down the railway tracks with headphones on and the music blasting in your ears?  Their choice to do this work was undertaken KNOWING FULL WELL they had pre-existing conditions While it is sad, how differnt from walking in the middle of railway tracks with your headphones onand as trained professionals were fully cognizant of the risks.  They chose to carry on and treat infected persons entering the hospital during this or any previous flu season.

The following 3-hour analysis might have avoided this world/society altering decision of holding virtually an entire world hostage.

So what is the MISSING number?

“How many meaningful deaths are due to this flu?”


A single rational country, Sweden opted against the nuclear approach to this year’s flu, permitting examination of the real impact on lives versus life.  The meaningful number!

The percentage of COVID 19 deaths under 60 years of age in Sweden, effective April 24th 2019 is just 0.6%.   AND what we will not know for some time is how many of these 110 people had a pre-existing condition?


How many respiratory deaths were there in Sweden under the age of 60?  Most recent data for 2016 shows just 206 deaths of a total of almost 7,300 deaths in a country with just under 10 million people (see footnotes).  These are the REAL and the most important numbers as they are greater than the COVID 19 death total below.

NEXT bracket has just 171 deaths in the 60-70 band COVID 19 deaths by Age group

The balance of the 1871 COVID 19 deaths 70+ years of age (with one third or 500+ people over 90 years of age), which while tragic, is it?  In 2016 there were almost 12,000 respiratory deaths in this over 60 age group.

This age bias is quickly glossed over demonstrating the entire world economy has been unquestionably crushed by avoiding this deep analysis.  We are given numbers and to make it exciting, these numbers are not put into context.

This does not mean to imply Swedens behavior is reckless, nor does this encourage foolish behavior, it just means that those at risk need to take care and we need to take care of those really at risk.  The entire world did not need to be shut down…….just make people accountable.

Sweden Restaurant AP David Keyton

Let’s share in the very positive Swedish nationalistic fervor over COVID 19 as demonstrated above.

The truism is the numbers don’t lie and now that you have the REAL numbers, decide for yourself what should be done next.  Do not put stock into fearmongering.

Photo Credits Anders Wiklund AP & David Keyton AP



Sweden Cause of Death by age break

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