What’s Wrong Here?

Communication of the WHO in the 5 W’s and the PRODUCT in the 4 P’s of marketing is so mixed up here I do not know where to start.

Why is so little time spent on the most important and most expensive area of marketing? Advertising is the single most influential aspect of every business and this is what you see.  It is no wonder why so many businesses fail!

So what is wrong with this picture?

Rideau Valley CU

Even standing 10′ away you can still see there is a problem, right?

This is what happens when you create logos and artwork and do not test them.

The company name is virtually unreadable up close, so how readable is it when you are driving past in your car?

This ad has it all lack of communication written all over it.  It also assumes that customers care about this message.

All type and no visuals or icons to catch your eye makes one work even harder.

I am not a creative mind.  I am a strategic marketer who priorizes elements like a logo.  WHO ARE YOU?  So ensuring it is not being interfered with by a visual is KEY.

The key message is not reinforced with a visual for instantaneous communication.


  • Who is the company?
  • What do they do?
  • How could what they perceive as the key communication element be improved?

Can you make this better?

One simple way is to communicate to your existing customer base.  It is cheap, they know you (so no cold calling), they obviously like your service and the kind of business you get can be VERY profitable!  I have engaged this company for service work and have not ONCE since had any communication asking for more business.  They had a product on recall and not once did they reach out to advise.

Business is SIMPLE when you do the EASY things first.  Low cost but VERY effective!

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