The Smell of fresh ground coffee beats ……everything

If you have to ask how much caffeine there is in coffee, you are drinking way too much and you are most definitely not drinking the good stuff!

Starting your day with a cup of coffee is amped up 5 fold when you grind the beans, while waiting for the water to boil.  It is the most sensual smell and will melt the day’s negative energy away, if only for an instant.

So why is it when you go to restaurants, they still have those antiquated glass bowl carafes that are burning the crap out of what they call coffee and are going to charge you over $1.00/cup for?

If restaurants insist on using Foodservice (low-quality coffee), the least they could do is use a carafe coffee maker Coffee grinder and carafe in 1which keeps the coffee as hot as when it was made and has not burnt it an hour later.

Having sampled market leading bag coffee brands including Starbucks, Maxwell House, and Nabob in over 2,000 stores to almost a million people, we determined in testing that this specific carafe was THE ONLY way to deliver Starbucks store quality.


Better still, a burr grinder that grinds the coffee correctly (not the spice blend style that begins to roast the coffee while grinding) will deliver that sensual smell…… every time you want to indulge

Burr coffee grinder

So why not have your restaurant coffee compete with Starbucks and light years ahead of Tim Hortons or Dunkin Donuts!  This can be bootstrapped effectively with the purchase of a burr grinder and a very cost-effective espresso maker.  This would allow you to prepare fresh “Americano” coffee that truly tastes great.

Oh and when you do so you can sell it as such on your menu and secure a Starbucks like prices.

Increase sales and profits even further by continuously sampling this or even better sampling other specialties

decorative special coffee

such as cappuccino so that your staff is afforded meaningful interactions, with an existing customer, who will not feel upsold.

According to the NCA ….. more people are drinking coffee …at a higher price premium. 

The Perfect Daily Grind  “understand[ing] that an espresso isn’t just made by a barista. The producer and roaster also receive credit.” It’s coffee that is distinct from the commodity market, celebrated for unique flavors, specific origins and the absence of defects.

So be sure to search for the best beans.  Go to a quality roaster and test their different coffees and blends and make it your own.  This company has an award-winning blend just for Americano’s North Roast Coffee.  Richard the owner knows his coffee!

It’s 7am so I must go and grind my Costa Rican coffee beans for my first cup, now that I have got my rant out.

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