As business people we must avoid the BIGGEST pitfall of the Internet and Social Media.  Bitching and complaining may make you feel better, but draft it and save it until you have a solution! 

A recent linked in logo posting was complaining about traditional retailing and believed Amazon was the solution.  Well during the Christmas of COVID Prime or no Prime two day delivery for many items has become weeks.  

But more importantly the Amazon model of RETAIL profitability is very murky (given their the Cloud AWS Amazon Cloud Servicesdivision delivers the lion’s share of profits….67% in Q4 2019).  So a 40% product return rate is not a model for Long Term profitability. But let’s park this for a minute.

Is Walmart a retailer or distribution expert?  For the past 25 years their primary expertise has been Distribution as evidenced by their location dominance and their weak online/in-store experience?

Walmart store front

Are you old enough to remember “Sorry Out of Stock” at Consumers DIstributing? 

Consumers Distributing storefront

Have you ever wondered how such a dominant and entrenched distribution specialist such as Sears could go broke?

Sears logo

The toll for not keeping up with customer service! 


  1. We as buyers MUST recognize that shutting down the world as we did for several months (COVID 19) this year is going to impact the availability of all manner of goods!  So this complaint falls on deaf ears.
  2. Never complain WITHOUT offering a solution! Use your area of expertise/solution.


With or after COVID every retailer selling clothing from the web including the behemoth Amazon, needs make available the most advanced body measuring online app (here is my first search hit,  If all online retailers provided this service free of charge to the end user returns would be reduced and the order size would be more manageable and deliver incredible ROI.  

SECOND everyone must pay a price for returns…..Ordering 5 different pairs of an item with the intent of returning 4 because you do not like the color must be controlled.  Free Returns should be for quality related issues only, not size or colour.  So Amazon and others using this new technology need to penalize abusers and put a price on returns (15% restocking fee) to better control internet purchasing.


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