REJECTED in 8 minutes

….for recommending a blatant fix?

3 days after highlighting this error, it remains

In over 40 years of marketing and advertising BEING REJECTED within 8 minutes for suggesting a solid and blatant marketing fix is laughable!

BOXHUB whose 4 month Marketing Contract position, rejected 30 years hands-on marketing trouble shooter, 18 years as a contractor, for suggesting that their primary digital presence did not accept Canadian Postal Codes in order to access product pricing. 

OK BUT ……. 3 days later still NO FIX! Not responding to such low hanging fruit is costly.

If 20 years in CPG, culminating in a plethora of New Product launches, one of which delivered $20M business in Canada and $80M in the U.S., along with navigating the digital arena, delivering tremendous sales and profit growth, suggests they do not want a true Canadian marketer, but rather a Placeholder!

Should the rejection be on sound footing, at least accept the obvious advice and fix such an important 1st step of website management.

Low hanging fruit is what a Trouble Shooter executes!

After attending a novel and new retail store yesterday in Knowlton PQ (8 months after opening) revealed 3 significant and quick digital fixes, 1) not reflecting the change in COVID rules on GMB, 2) when submitting a consumer issue, ensure selecting a black font in a white box, for Consumer Submissions.

But 3rd and most important, convey your REASON FOR BEING up front. Do not make consumers work through the steak to get to the sizzle.

Otherwise you become a single line listing in the NYC phone book.

FIX #3…… Feature sensational, unique, mouth-watering products, with ECU photo’s of ready to taste visuals combined with sampling (and communicating the unique POD’s), in-store and from the porch.

Quick simple changes when attended to, secure substantial profit increases.

What issues have you missed?

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