95% + 5% is only 80% in business

WHOAA….but you are all about the numbers, how can you make such a statement?

numbers in a circle

This is the only time where 2 of the Critical Rules of Marketing success collide head-on and the ONLY time the above statement will indeed RULE.

Businesswomen, this message is particularly targetted at you.  Having worked for far more women in my career, this will benefit you, especially if you feel you have OCD like characteristics as a part of your personality.

Chantel Crisp
Working extra smart for educated buyers and sellers. chantelcrisp.com/

What the headline is saying is that in business the effort to secure last 5 – 8% leads to significantly diminished returns.  Almost exponentially!

Diminshing returns
Note how little you gain in the final 3 bars

This is not a rule for engineering, but rather for virtually every marketing and managerial task.  Striving for perfection before you “GO LIVE”, or believing you require more information to be ready for that meeting, or presenting more information AFTER you have already made the sale, because it is in your presentation must be avoided at all cost.

This does not mean typos and incorrect information are acceptable, rather you do not have to have everything to close the deal.

Restating this rule “accept that nothing in business is perfect” and this is no truer than when dealing with people, which is what business is all about.

So once you are 10 yards from the finish line, put the project down for 24 hours. Reach out to someone in your circle of trust and secure feedback to determine if the message is clear.  If you are, go for it and be confident in your abilities.

Also, it is fine to say “I do not have that answer right this moment, but let me get back to you”, allowing for a follow-up (and DO follow-up!) because this is another interaction.

A very short, but critically important message for those who want to work smart first, and then and only then work hard.

Be confident in yourself and “If you think you are there, YOU ARE”.

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