Waste or Stupidity

The world of digital advertising is LOST. I am not sure in this case history whether it is caused by laziness or ignorance which resulted in my being exposed to 10 of these in the space of 10 minutes!

This digital tidal wave came about naturally as a result of a search I conducted the previous day looking for an AC unit. Naturally having done my research I knew about the company, the different models and the prices. So why are they bashing me with the same product/price message over and over again? There were another 12 messages in the next 24 hours!

What Digital Advertising experts lack most is understanding of how effective advertising works in traditional media vehicles. More importantly recognizing that beyond the WASTE of money, this CREATIVE LAZINESS will ultimately do the exact opposite… turn off potential purchasers and prevent them from making a purchase from your company!

If this were not in the world of digital, a great deal more thought would be put into:

  • Objective singular….. (not closing the sale, but enhancing value)
  • Readability (treating this message like a billboard)
  • Avoiding wearout (after 5-7 messages consumers shut you out)
  • Avoiding waste (proper scheduling of numerous reasons why)

The true objective once you have decided to digitally retarget is to recognize that the consumer has done research on your product and others. To TRULY increase the value of your spend, start and continue a conversation to get potential buyers nodding in agreement and almost talking back to you. This is not hard and often the content can be elements you have already created in your product sales pitch.

Only once you start doing this will the TRUE efficacy and efficiency benefits of online advertising begin to work.

  • What elements make you different
  • What added value are you delivering
  • What makes you superior
  • Avoid all discussion of price
  • Include a large logo and a big headline



10 ads in 10 minutes is overkill for an item selling for $1,000-$2,000. People do not make such a purchase fast, so broaden your time horizon from an hour to several days. Such continual bombardment of the same message 22 times in 24 hours is nothing short of intense waste and laziness.

Make sure you do not exceed 4 unique messages in an hour and 7 different/unique messages in a day.

Saving money or extending reach along with increased conversion will be the result of this approach for any small retail outlet or a large AC or ebike manufacturer.

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