LOST…PREMIER FORD the business person. Time to Change the COVID 19 Narrative

Firing Roman Baber from caucus and not allowing him to run for the Conservatives in the next election based on his logical numbers/fact based approach to COVID 19 communicated this week to his leader Premier Ford is TRAGIC.  The hysteria of this past 10 months has gained its own momentum through the convoluted use of numbers. MPP Baber brought to the Premiers attention….. the one who SHOULD know how to dig for the real numbers ……. the most relevant numbers.

Premier Ford, where did the businessman you claimed to be while running for election disappear to?  Where did your common sense go? Why do you no longer believe in the numbers, the numbers that are most meaningful, which your own MPP offered to you in a clear and logical manner?

Why when the entire country of Canada has experienced just 161 more deaths under 60 years of age due to COVID 19 (effective January 15 2021) as compared to flu deaths in all of 2019 within this same age demo (representing 75% of all of Canadians), are we ALL closed down?

The vast majority of Canadian deaths are for those over 70 (88% or 15,432) below,

yet with 190,000 vaccinated in Ontario effective today, LTC patients the priority, remain well over a week away from being completed and the entire economy is paying the price!


A country of 126M people, YET as of December 2020 they had just 94 deaths under 60 years of age and 1783 total deceased due to COVID 19 at the end of the 2020 calendar year.  Yet as Mr Baber points out there are far bigger implications to the misrepresentation of numbers. In Japan, in the month of October 2020 there were over 2,000 suicides exceeding total deaths from COVID 19 in the 9 months to December. Let me repeat a country of 125 million!

Is anyone asking what they Japan did right and what North America did wrong after the Early Warning Signs of SARS?


Premier Ford, change your hat.  While it is tragic that total deaths have increased with COVID, the number of under 60’s dying is not what it was with previous flu strains, so is it worth the unmeasured toll you are taking on your entire population? 

Look at the right numbers! 

Positively acknowledge what Mr Baber is doing …..as it is what so many politicians fail to do, give their opinion fact based, not hysteria based.

Protect the vulnerable to the max, not the max number of people.

COVID happens to unduly impact the older population (as does the other 120+ strains of flu), so protect them!   

Put the restrictions on them! 

Get them vaccinated.

Let the rest of us live a safe, clean approach for the months to come with all businesses OPEN FOR BUSINESS!

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