Japan …….1,000 COVID 19 deaths must be an error!

In the last month, many more have jumped on Sweden and blamed their high COVID 19 death rate as compared with its neighboring countries on their staying open.  But in late April, I indicated we are being misled by not being given the meaningful numbers.

To support the premise of that position and the most important of business principles, “the numbers don’t lie” Japan is a clear demonstration that the nuclear option the rest of the world embraced was not necessary!


Japan implemented its own distinct approach which not only flattened the curve, they did so with staggering success.

The LA Times points out how diametrically opposed they were…….

  • No restrictions were placed on Japanese residents’ movements
  • Restaurants to hairdressers remained open throughout
  • No high-tech apps were required to track movements 
  • Japan has no center for disease control (CDC)
  • ONLY 0.2% of its population has been tested for COVID 19 …….WITH
  • One of the lowest rates of infection and deaths among developed countries


Just 1,000 deaths!!!!!!!!!

How did they do it in a country of 126 million?


Japan was already in the business of LOW TECH contact tracing.


After the first infections were discovered in January, its public health centers, dispatched more than half of 50,000 public health nurses to deal with COVID 19 in the manner they traditionally do with more common infections such as influenza and tuberculosis.  By focussing on infection clusters emanating from a single location such as clubs or hospitals, they track and trace.  This hands-on science CLEARLY controlled the virus to the aforementioned staggeringly incredible results.

Rapid containment avoided a pandemic, despite their ticking time bomb of the Diamond Princess in Yokohama.

What greater proof can there be for avoiding a once in millennia shutdown which the rest of the world so stunningly embraced.

They deserve to shout this success out to the rest of the world (and not worry about a vaccine) on the way to completing the groundwork for the 2020/21 Olympic Games!

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