Kawhi Pitch ..5 simple points …5 minutes!

Never oversell!!!

The Raptors/Kawhi presentation should emulate the age-old Final Exam question.


The answer that secures 100% is:

“Why Not!”

Raptprs centre court logo

The Raptors pitch should be completed in 5 minutes, with the following 5 key points:

  1. Masai details the objective…….. winning 5 more Championships!
  2. Bobby confirms all coaching, medical and management are staying!
  3. Toronto pays more than anyone else, the MAX for 5 years…. $190M.
  4. Each year Masai and Bobby are continuously searching for personnel to make the Toronto Raptors better.
  5. Is there anything that we can do better from your perspective?

Kawhi experienced everything any other team will overpromise, through this years playoff run.

He knows that both the country and city are passionate about him staying.

Nathan Phillips crowd

He has seen first hand how colour blind we as Canadians are.

To oversell in this meeting means you lose him. Videos, other players attending aren’t needed  He gets it all.  Kawhi is the smartest player in sports today!  He knows what is here and he thrived in it.  So avoid overselling in “The Pitch”!

The Toronto Raptors have already been afforded the most effective and persuasive tool in business


Give a potential buyer a chance to try, (a sample) and tell them why you are different and they will buy!

AND so will Kawhi!

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