A USP is the Most Important element of brand communication

Ghost TownKey to any business is to first have something that people want (why did you start the business, what need was not being met?).

Once you were convinced that you have something different, you then need to position your key and single most important difference…… directly below your logo or company name, everywhere it appears.

Not telling consumers whenever they see your business/brand name what makes you/your offering special…… when compared to your competition is like “forgetting to put bait on your hook, when you go fishing”.

Virtually every business/owner wants to be all things to all people, jumping at every opportunity or niche that presents itself.  Unfortunately, there is no more effective recipe for disaster/failure and which will prevent you from working smart first.

If you are everything… then you are nothing!

Buyers of your service will never remember what you stand for if there is not one clear concise thing that you represent.  Why should they spend their hard earned money on your product (when they in all likelihood have a perfectly good option they are currently buying) or even giving you more than a passing glance, on the side of the road?

While the single hardest rule to follow ……IT is the most IMPORTANT! It also spawns several more rules and reasons you can find in other insights on this site.

The USP was developed in the early days of modern advertising by Rosser Reeves, who created and oversaw some of the best.  Important to understand is that this is NOT a tagline that you will throw away or change every few years.  This is a clear, concise communication about your product or brand and it appears EVERYWHERE your logo appears.

Some of the best examples of Long Term and memorable USP’s include:

Melts in your mouth Pic

M&M’s “Melts in your mouth, not in your hands”



Hertz “We put you in the driver’s seat”



Avis. “We’re number two. …”We try Harder”


Reason for we try harder


FedEx Corporation. “When it absolutely, positively has to be there overnight”


DeBeers. “A diamond is forever”

de beers a diamond

How to create a meaningful USP?

Do so by answering:

  1. What makes you different from your competitors?
  2. Does this difference matter to potential customers?

Write as many lines as you feel are applicable. They must be no more than 8 -10 words long.

Involve your current consumers (they’ll love being asked for their opinion) what they think and why.  Also, bounce it off family and friends to learn what they think of your “Point of Difference” and why they should buy from you.  Refine your wording and retest it with others, until in as few words as possible it clearly communicates your benefit convincingly.

If you need to try and explain to people why…… then it needs more work because you will never have time with other consumers to explain what is not being understood.

SO JUST LISTEN and then modify.  This is an investment that will return dividends for the life of your product or business.

Landing on a USP is the concrete foundation upon which to build your business, simply because it tells potential buyers what you do best, wherever your brand/company name or logo appear.

Should any feedback ever be “your product is too pricey”, the worst response is to lower yours and attempt to compete on price.  Let your USP differentiate you and use it to explain why your product is more expensive, but better value.

Once created, your Brand Name or Logo must NEVER AGAIN appear nude.  It always stands with the USP.

If you spend time making sure that this is meaningful to your consumers, they will begin to they will begin to come, but only if…….You read the lesson on simple low cost…..

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