Will Moral Suasion work for President Trump……Or will the Fed prevail and markets correct dramatically in 2019?

This is apolitical, just an observation as a marketer and manager of businesses.

There is no doubt President Trump has been polarizing.  There seems to be no middle ground.  My position has been that no President since Kennedy has been more influential (note I did not say effective) than the current sitting President.


Well, he speaks his mind in an unfettered manner and has told the FED through his social media podium that there is no need to do what they are expected to do tomorrow raising interest rates.


On this he is correct.  The numbers they are using to do this will indeed correct an overheated market (which is certainly in need of correction given the trillions they have printed and pumped in over the last decade) because they are reading inflated GDP driven by numerous unrelated 1-time events.

So who will win?  The Brand Marketer THE DONALD, or the FED (FOMC) who have said that they do not care about equity FEDmarkets and have led/caused every recession for almost a century with no accountability to anyone!.

I hope President Trump wins this one as he did the election and powered his way (rightly or wrongly, as tariffs are an economic killer) to the most influential and effective (at getting things done) since President Kennedy.

Stay focused on the tools of his messaging and the influence those tools, if you comment.

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