……….Features vs. Benefits ……….. The Critical Success Factor

Every extraordinary salesperson/marketer knows that the top priority is the customer.  But how does one begin the conversation to facilitate meeting their needs?


One quick look in the mirror shows who must do so. 

Extraordinary marketers/sales personnel know how to become the reflection in the mirror.   Determining the motivation and desires of the person on the other side of the purchase decision yields significantly better conversion.  

Order takers focus on giving product features.  Doing so dooms them to failure, a large percentage of the time.   Overwhelming customers with features, many of which do not apply is wasted energy, turning off the buyer, because most already know these THINGS.



It is providing the insight into how THINGS save them time, money or effort that really matters.  These are the benefits.jpg

which help the buyer understand how the purchase is going to make their life easier or better?


Taking the time to get a superficial feel for the buyer allows you to connect by engaging in meaningful insights.  Doing so begins a connection which engenders empathy and elevates your status with them.  As this progresses, buyers will more readily accept the content you are providing because your communication is targeted specifically to them and their needs.  This also lowers their guard which will help to more easily facilitate closing.

Many will even pay more based on your knowledge and insights, along with those in the competitive set.  By explaining why yours is superior, (hence worth paying more for) is delivering value. 


Should the Buyer begin to walk away, be confident that you have provided sufficient knowledge.  As they are departing you MUST seek permission to follow up by requesting a phone number, email or both in the event they may require additional help with their decision.  BUT do the follow-up, because you will be respected for it and it may deliver the sale at best and or at the low end, a lead or two.

These small wins help.  You become stronger with failure.  Successful batters in baseball fail 2/3’s of the time!  It may take 30-50 shots in hockey to yield just 3-5 goals (10% success) and so on and so on.  Set the benchmark and then work to overdeliver.  Set it too high and failure will beget failure.

Accepting that Features are a given and get lost in the daily grind of information.  It is the Benefits which increases sales, moving you well on your way to becoming a truly superior marketer and/or salesperson and will grow your income/business exponentially.

This Benefit oriented approach also applies to website content.  Showing how features make life better, must be written from a benefit-oriented perspective,  The inclusion of comprehensive category knowledge will ensure more sales will come your way.


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