Elon Musk did not ingest marijuana at hour 2 of a mind-blowing interview with Joe Rogan

Many of you see this picture of Elon and jump to the inevitable conclusion.  Elon is smoking marijuana and has lost his head.

But in doing so you missed so much…..as the vast masses who did not start, or have the concentration to stay with and follow the thought-provoking insights prior to hour 2 of the interview, at which Elon took a puff on a cheroot, apparently infused with marijuana.

So seeing this picture in isolationElon toking delivers a completely different impression from what actually took place and is seen in the video.

What really took place was Elon taking a puff of this cigar, bringing the smoke into his mouth and blew it out.

Elon did not inhale as evidenced by the color of the smoke and the way in which it came back out and the fact that he did not gag or cough.  He was influenced no more than you would walking by any hangout or party where kids are partaking in a joint.

Note, not one comment about the scotch that both were enjoying responsibly during the interview.

Only after listening to this amazing interview with JOE ROGAN did I come to realize just what a thought leader Elon Musk is.  You have to admire what he has achieved. 

Elon Musk with Tesla name

One only has to watch the 2006 documentary “Who Killed the Electric Car” to understand the sheer gravitas, cojones and influence a man like Elon has had on the biggest issue to the greening of the environment since GM killed the electric car in the mid 90’s.

Or witness his vision in solving the most expensive part of satellites and space travel, through the creation of Space X rockets which come safely and gently back to earth, to be re-used at a saving of billions over the decades to come.

Crazy ideas, yet his engineering brain comes up with these ideas judged to be unthinkable by others.

Elon with SpaceX

Most who prejudged the interview MISSED the following insights that would make life more enjoyable:

  • It is better to be optimistic and wrong, than be pessimistic and correct
  • A simulation is a distillation of what happens in life
  • A Tesla is possibly the MOST FUN thing you could buy ever
  • It is not possible to put CO2 back in the ground
  • Do people really want privacy?  They seem to put everything on the internet
  • Marijuana is not good for productivity for me personally
  • Joe Rogan has a Radical Creativity Engine
  • Using Social media is like a tattoo

And so many more mind-boggling things about AI.

So be sure to not take what you see at face value.  Listen and learn from people who are blazing trails and your career and life will be more fulfilling.



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